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Onward | Original

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The road is an iconic symbol in American culture. It represents an expansion of boundaries rooted in the very foundation of the nation, based on the desire to gain freedom from the oppression of hegemonic norms. “The freedom to move upward and outward is one of the most central and persistent images America has of itself.” The introduction of the affordable automobile in the 1920’s was one of the most significant factors of geographical and social landscape change in the country’s history. Its invention and implementation in the United States had a hugely transformative effect on the U.S. road system. People could live further away from the city and commute with their personal vehicles, causing the development of suburbs to begin growing as extensions of cities. On top of this, the automobile brought with it more free time (instead of spending a whole day carriaging to town, it could be done in a much shorter period of time). Free time often lent itself to running errands or doing other activities like shopping and sightseeing. This led businesses to decentralize from the city and branch outward, deeper into the country, to meet the needs of the growing populations that were germinating in smaller towns. All this (and more) because of one invention. It is no wonder the automobile became the symbol of a means of attaining the American Dream. Because of this unique mixture of social and economic variables, the archetype of the Journey became imprinted on America’s unconscious in the form of the automobile and road. .
I love roads.

"Onward" is 18x24 inches, acrylic on canvas.

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