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Paradise Point | Paper Print


When you first jump into Lake Superior it is certainly a shock. Your lungs clench up and it is hard enough to breathe with your head above water, let alone when you take a dive below. You might be only able to last a few seconds when you slip under, eyes open to the superb clarity of the lake. The air that was so cool a moment ago is now your only source of warmth and it begs you to leave the water. And you do, body feeling fresh, nearly menthol. But not even a minute later you feel that call again, and jump right back in. This time it's a bit nicer, your body a bit more numb. You do this over and over, never fully committing to land or water, often relaxing on partially submerged boulders, until the next adventure leads you away. After that nothing is cold to you again.
Here is sunset at my favorite place to jump in.
Scanned with a precision large-format scanner for perfect coloration, lighting, and high resolution. Paper prints are all made with acid free and lignin free 100% cotton fiber paper, optimized for deep and rich UltraChrome archival ink. Ships in 3-5 business days.